Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Frosty greetings!

'Goodnight Elanor, I love you'

'Goodnight Mummy, I love Daddy'


'Yes, I love Daddy as well'


'OK, you're right, he's your Daddy'

'Yeah, MINE. I love Daddy, and I love milk, and I love the postman.'

'I love Elanor, and Daddy, and I love the packages the postman brings'

'Yes, I love packages, and presents, and Santa'

'What would you like Santa to bring you this year?'

'A postman'

Okkkkkkkaaaayyyyyy. Daddy isn't even here and won't be until Sunday!

Luckily for all of us I've had a word with Santa and his elves have already made her a Postman posting game. Very fortunate.

Speaking of packages and presents, more are arriving every day including things I forgot I'd ordered, and I'm extremely happy with the bargainous haul this year! Highlights must include the pair of wooden dolls houses sitting under a sheet in the bedroom, along with three doll families and hundreds - literally, hundreds - of pieces of dolly furniture etc. One for Elanor and one for her cousin, cost approximately 20% of what they would have retailed for new. And even more penny pinchingly, I got Grandma to buy Elanor's.....

And the lovely wooden set that arrived today, ooooh la la, I highly recommend. This will be my girl's present from me this year.

Oh I forgot, I realised this blog is sadly lacking in pictures (and comments, I love comments, please leave comments, need comments, want comments) so I have resolved to add some colour and illustration.

In other words I'm going to pic spam you.


  1. Heehee! Pic spamming is GOOOOD! I love that wintry set and have been so very tempted to get one, but I'm trying to be restrained...

    It must be a toddler thing with the mummy vs daddy ideas - I got told ""NOT mummy's boy, DADDY'S boy" the other week, hmmmm! LOL xx

  2. Loving the blog and in the words of monty python, spam spam spam spam, wonderful spam!!!

    Always a pleasure to see pics!


  3. most days when I get my boy from school I try to greet him with some cheery verbal morsel I have pondered...but he usually gets in first with 'is daddy home yet?' Its nice to be taken for granted I spose!