Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I love Wednesday mornings!

It's Elanor's happy hour. On Tuesday night we can send her to bed in a flutter of excitement that her vegetables are coming in the morning. The veg man is akin to Father Christmas.

First thing in the morning she legs it outside and comes in proudly bearing her veg box. After breakfast she gets to announce the contents delightedly. And then she is allowed to destalk, wash and prepare the whole lot for the fridge. Occupies her for ages and I don't have to do a thing! There is so much more for little fingers to do when everything isn't ready prepared. Supermarket food is so frustrating for a budding little cook - it's all chop, and cook. Tough when you're not allowed sharp knives or near the cooker....

Thursday, 5 August 2010

My little one is getting so big....

July, 2010

November, 2006

I had my big little girl fast asleep on my back in Didymos Stendhal yesterday. Every time this happens now I wonder if it will be the last time. She is a mighty three-and-three-quarters, and we are starting to look forward to her fourth birthday. She would like a party with a horse, and a cake with lots of numbers, chocolate flavour with special bacon. Don't ask.

I know we're lucky to have wrapped for this long, especially as she is no small girl. We have exclusively slung for just over 3.5 years, and I think that needs some celebrating! Browsing the shops free and easy whilst she slept on my back, oblivious, yesterday - it was lovely. Although I am more and more aware of the *looks* these days. Brazen as I am in staring them down.

One day it will be the last time, and I guess that will be OK, and we won't notice, and life will go on. One day I will teach her to carry her own babies. Apparently she is going to have a baby boy when she is a big lady - probably twenty - and call him Dylan. Not too long to wait, then!