Thursday, 5 August 2010

My little one is getting so big....

July, 2010

November, 2006

I had my big little girl fast asleep on my back in Didymos Stendhal yesterday. Every time this happens now I wonder if it will be the last time. She is a mighty three-and-three-quarters, and we are starting to look forward to her fourth birthday. She would like a party with a horse, and a cake with lots of numbers, chocolate flavour with special bacon. Don't ask.

I know we're lucky to have wrapped for this long, especially as she is no small girl. We have exclusively slung for just over 3.5 years, and I think that needs some celebrating! Browsing the shops free and easy whilst she slept on my back, oblivious, yesterday - it was lovely. Although I am more and more aware of the *looks* these days. Brazen as I am in staring them down.

One day it will be the last time, and I guess that will be OK, and we won't notice, and life will go on. One day I will teach her to carry her own babies. Apparently she is going to have a baby boy when she is a big lady - probably twenty - and call him Dylan. Not too long to wait, then!

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