Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Things that should not happen...

NHS sign:

Family planning advice
Use Back Entrance

as seen on Facebook.

Canesten Duo (for thrush)

Allows you to feel yourself again.

Observed by me and I'm sure countless others with dirty minds on TV advert.

On a more serious note...

Those police adverts. 'Let's keep crime down'. I live near a police station and they are plastered to every lamp post. HIDE YOUR VALUABLES. 1 IN 4 THROUGH AN UNLOCKED DOOR! The recent TV and radio campaign inviting you to think it absurd that anyone should go to bed and leave a laptop on the table in their own house. Can't do that, that's just asking to be burgled. Uh-huh. Yeah. If you leave your things out in your house, it's your fault if you get robbed. The poor passing burglar just could not help themselves.

I've been burgled. It is not nice. If a burglar wants to rob your house, they will, and it doesn't really matter what security you have in place. Whether you leave your mobile on the dashboard, or your keys in the lock, being robbed is never your fault, and I resent the campaign's implication that keeping crime down is the responsibility of innocent people.

Can you imagine the outcry if applied to another crime? Sensitive topic....but valid, I think.....HIDE YOUR CLEAVAGE. 1 IN 4 DRESSED LIKE A...........

But that wouldn't win any votes, would it?

Yet we are supposed to accept this 'advice' as purely sensible? It is not sensible. Innocent people should be able to live their lives without this fear, this implication that if you do something wrong you will have rolled out the red carpet to any passing criminal. Crime is the criminal's fault and no-one else's.

How about a nice new advertising campaign advising those of a dodgy moral substance of the consequences of their possible actions?

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  1. SO true, whats really scary is that people get paid good money to come up with these 'campaigns'. Grr. I love your ranty blog, you have helped motivate me to start my own.